Name: Rev. Mother Fathima Rani FBS.,
Year: 1998 - 2004

Born in the year 1950 as the third daughter of Mr & Mrs. Duraisamy reddy, amidst three brothers and four sisters, she accepted the call of God and entered the convent and made her first vows in 1970 and perpetual profession in 1978. After graduating from Bangalore, she served as Principal of the Teacher Training Institute. She was a good administrator and strict disciplinarian. Her nature, like our patron St. Francis of Assisi, she would always find God in nature. An rdent follower of Mother Mary, She had Unshakable faith in the presence of God. Deeply devoted to the Congregation, She rendered a very remarkable service as Mother General for six years.

Name: Rev. Mother Lourdu Mary FBS.,
Year: 2004 - 2016

Born on 02 February 1952, as the second child of Mr. S.A Chinnappa and Mrs. Amalorpava Mary, her growth was nurtured by the love of her parents, six brothers and five sisters in their hometown at Tangoon in Burma. On their return to India in 1964, she realized the inner desire to serve the Lord. She did Formators course at National Vocational service Center, Pune. She made her first vows in 1972, perpetual profession in 1980 and reached Silver Jubilee in 1997. She took care of the Novitiate house for two years, served as Regional Superior for one years, and Vocation Promoter for six years from 1992 -98. Her pleasing manners and compassionate nature coupled with efficiency enabled her to serve as Assistant Mother General for six years from 1998.

Name:Rev. Mother Maria Philomi FBS.,
Motto: SEEKS to reach the Horizon

With full of optimism Mother Maria Philomi aims to reach the Horizon. She has no second thought whether it can be achieved. She smiles like that she has never cried, fights like that she has never lost, loves like that she has never been hurt and lives like that there is no tomorrow. Mother MARIA PHILOMI was born on 01.11.1956 in Sokkankudiyiruppu a small village in Tuticorin district to Mr.Antony Muthu and Savariammal a pious and God fearing parents. She had a pleasant and nurturing childhood among three elder sisters and two younger sisters. She was very smart right from her early days, studious in studies and extracurricular activities. She did her Schooling in her hometown and joined the Bon Secours Congregation to offer herself totally to God. After her first profession she got her graduation from Bangalore University, B.Ed from Stella Martutina College of Education and to her credit she has a bachelor’s degree in Law and Phd in English. A learned woman with foresight she never leaves a stone unturned. She does not waste time standing in the same place and say something or some reason. She knows that it is a crippling disease to fade away her dreams. For nothing is unstoppable and she dares to live the wildest dreams to make things happen. For her Love of God and Love of Humans are the same manifestation of the one Reality. She simply believes in the inseparable presence of God in the Universe. She has a strong faith that this Loving Presence will always uphold her purest dreams that are sent out for the Welfare of Humanity. In her tenure her dearest dream to create a casteless classless equitable society can be made possible.