Name: Rev. Mother Mary Rose FBS
Year: 1873 – 1900

She was born in Pondicherry to Ubagaram Pillai and Kunnammal in the year 1845, Right from her Childhood, she fostered in her heart zeal to serve the poor. It was during her terms as Mother General that the congregation took the momentous decision to shift its base from Pondicherry to Mylapore. She believed Bon Secours was God’s work and her dream was to give the congregation a firm foundation. A woman of clear vision and foresight, she would leave no stone unturned to realize what she believed was God’s plan for the congregation. She remained Mother General for 27 years. Having understood the value and importance of higher education, she encouraged her sisters to pursue higher education and training.

Name: Rev. Mother Mary Rose Thettraravu FBS.,
Year: 1901 - 1906

Born in 1855 at Reddiarpalayam to Anthony and Vigulamary, Mary, Thettraravu joined the Congregation at the tender age of eleven. As Mother General she was instrumental in providing adequate buildings for the works of the Congregation. She achieved this rare feat, when the congregation was facing severe financial crisis. Mother Mary Thettraravu always believed that thoughts were the seeds to achieve great things in life and indeed this was the secret of her success. She would often tell her sisters, “if you want the future to be different, you should be different now”.

Name: Rev. Mother Mary Rose Adaikalam FBS,
Year: 1907 - 1919

Mary Adaikalam hailed from Nelliithopu, Pondicherry. Born to Thoothipillai and Arockiamary in the year 1864, she accepted the call of God at the age of 14 and lived in the convent for 44 years. For nearly 40 years she was superior of various houses. She was the Assistant Mither General under Mother Thettraravu, before becoming the Mother General. She was an affectionate and pious person. Her exemplary life brought many young girls to the Congregation. She took a keen interest in recruiting sisters for the Congregation. She labored hard to bring up the Congregation in a disciplined manner, molding the minds and hearts of our sisters in the spirit of true service. Her administration was known for its order and discipline.

Name: Rev. Mother Mary Lourdhu FBS.,
Year: 1920 - 1925

“The world behind me and the cross before me, no turning back,” was the spirit with which Mother Mary Lourdhu functioned. She was born in the year 1866 at Pondicherry. Her parents were Peria Nayagam and Ponnachi. She joined the Congregation at the age of 14. A woman of deep spirituality, she found great comfort and solace in the Eucharist and the crucifix. As Mother General she gave special importance to the apostolate for the aged and the disabled. Before becoming Mother General, she worked as teacher, and incharge of widows at the Refuge. She was known for the great concern and love with which she looked after the sick.