Name: Rev. Little flower FBS.
Year: 1957-1968

Little Flower was born in Calcutta on 10h December 1906. She was the daughter of Anthony and Angeline. She entered the Congregation in the year 1924. With a penchant for traditions, she gave importance to the rules of the Congregation. She was an outstanding missionary who mastered the Tamil language. As Mother General she showed remarkable administrative ability. She is remembered for her generosity and selfless service. Her inexhaustible empathy was admired by all the sisters. Her spiritual buoyancy made her popular among the young sisters who valued her advice. She corrected others gently and firmly without bearing a grudge against anyone.

Name: Rev. Mother Domitlilla FBS.,
Year: 1969 -1974

Mother Mary Domitella was born on 4 may 1918 in Pondicherry. Philomena Rubena was her baptismal name. She entered the convent when she was 21 and took her perpetual profession in 1948. Well educated, Mother Mary Domitella led many young girls to the religious order. She valued the educational apostolate highly and opened many schools in remote areas. She took special interest in the welfare of orphans. The Children of the convent bear testimony to her motherly love till today. They say she could not tolerate tears in the eyes of the children. Always bubbling with energy, there was not a dull moment in her life. She possessed imperturbable calmness even under great strain and stress. Even when she was seriously ill,.

Name:Rev. Mother Mary Ethelvina FBS.,
Year: 1975- 1986

Egmore in Chennai was the birth place of Elizabeth Rajamanickam who later became Mother Ethelvina and headed the Congregation for 12 fruitful years. Her parents were devanayagam and Rosamma. She was born on 29 august 1926. She entered the convent in 1945 and took her perpetual profession in 1954. She took her Honos degreein Maths in 1964 in U. S. A. Under her leadership the Congregation saw many milestones. It was during her term that the Congregation was raised to the status of a Papal Congregation. She organized a Synod and thereafter set revolutionary changes in motion. She was responsible for the creation of new provinces for better governance.

Name: Rev. Mother Mary John De Britto FBS.,
Year: 1986 - 1998

Humility, Simplicity, and depth of spirituality characterized the life of Mother Mary John De Britto. She was born on 25 July 1942 in Thanjavur. Her parents were Arockiasamy and Elizabeth. At the age 18 she joined the Congregation. This principled visionary who studied theology in Rome possessed deep spirituality and many intellectual gifts. She was the one who did not want her sisters to rest on the laurels of the past but wanted them to create history. She brought about a renewal in the Congregation which had a deep impact on our life and work. She pioneered the practice of sending novices for village experiences. She arranged thought provoking seminars with the help of Father Amalorpavada to enlighten the sisters on the need for enculturation. She remained unperturbed even in calamities.