Our Lady of Bon Secours in simplicity without the Crown. The simple appearance of our Lady symbolises that she is a lover of simplicity, Mother of refuge to the poor and the destitute. She is the Queen of the heaven and the earth. The crown on the top of the shield directly above the head of our Lady represents her Queen ship.

The Shield is a symbol of victory. Our lady is portrayed within the shield. This signifies that as the children of our blessed Mother, we should reflect her simplicity and lead an exemplary life according to the Charism to gain victory.

The upper part of the emblem bears the symbol of the Third Order of the Franciscan Congregation. This states that the congregation is united with the Franciscan Third Order.

The name of the congregation “ Franciscans Of Our Lady Of Bon Secours” can be seen inscribed below the Cross.

The lower part of the emblem expresses the Motto of the Congregation “ GOD IN ALL, ALL IN