Julien Charles LEHODEY,, was born in Donville (Manche) on July 3, 1808. It was incorporated into the diocese of Bayeux, and ordained a priest on June 16 1832. He entered the seminary of M.-E. on 5 July, and went to Malabar Mission (Pondicherry) on December 16 of that year. From May 1833 to the end of 1836, he exercised his ministry in Pondicherry, and was also for some time professor at the seminary. Then charged him Negapatam, Vellangani, Tranquebar; in these three positions, Goans created him much trouble. It was a moment the desire to go evangelize the Maldives; but he gave up on the advice of his apostolic vicar Bonnand.

Around 1840, he returned to Pondicherry as prosecutor, then was named pastor of the Cathedral in 1843. He contributed to the draft regulation on the reform of the mission seminar and in the drafting of the 1844 Synod of the program; This synod was the source of Many changes in India. In fact, it is the turning point in the missionary history of India. It gave importance to the changes and challenges faced by the church. The ideas formed in the synod encouraged the formation and growth of Indian Congregations of sister and gave thrust to the education of the women through our Congregation.

Father Lehodey, tried to elevate the orphanages into religious orders after giving the inmates proper training and choices. The aim behind this move was to expand the services of the mission into the field of education, Medical care and and child care in an effective manner. He selected a few dedicated girls from the orphanages formed the first group of aspirants. after three years of training they were to be accepted as sisters of the order. They adopted Franciscan rules and wore black saree. The investiture of the first postulants took place on 17 september 1858, on the day of the stigmata of St. Francis Assisi . From the beginning the Bon Secours sisters were attached to the Franciscan Third Order. In the year 1861 these 7 sisters took their final vows as religious. He was more than a father and guardian to the Bon Secours Congregation.