The state of Bihar has an amazing and glorious history since ancient times. But in recent years Bihar has become one of the most socially and economically backward states in India. It is here that our sisters are spreading the word of god and working for the uplift of the struggling people. With the blessings of Most Rev Dr. John Baptist Thakur S.J., in 1983, Mother Ethelvina took the bold step of opening the first convent in Bihar, which is plagued by poverty, illiteracy and under development. As the sisters are doing marvellous work in the field of Non Formal Education, Life skills, Health Care and Pastoral ministry, we are invited to start many convents in and around Bihar. Our sisters‘devotion to the cause of the poor and their willingness to serve them in difficult circumstances is truly remarkable. Besides this ministry our sisters conduct courses in type writing, computers and tailoring for youth. We also help the rural women to improve their financial condition through Self Help Groups. Our service in North India ,Which has seen more than 30 years ,is a good model in establishing the spirituality of the Franciscan Sisters of Bon Secours in other States also.