Name: Rev. Mother Mary Martine FBS.,
Year: 1926 - 1928

She was born to Samy Reddy and Loiusammal at Reddiarpalayam in Pondicherry. She joined the Congregation at the tender age of nine. Her Parents were God Fearing people. Early in her life, Mary Martin imbibed a deep piety. She wore a waist band made of thorns and an iron vest as an act of penance. She was a woman of simplicity and hard work. Her administration was known for laying a strong foundation in spiritual life. Her watchword for her sisters was, “Count your blessing not your troubles.” Though she was Mother General for only two years, today she is considered a saint. She was the first one to send sisters for teachers training.

Name: Rev. Mother Mary Suthigaram FBS.,
Year: 1929 – 1940/1947 - 1952

Mary Suthigaram was born in 1883 at Thanjavur. Her parents were Santhanam and Arputha Mariammal. She entered the convent at the age of 21. She was a person who understood deeply the charism of the Congregation. She took great delight in serving the old, the handicapped and the orphans. She used to visit foreign ships at the harbor to ask for alms to support the poor. She believed that giving was more joyous than receiving. Seeing God in all; all in God, she tried to bring unity among the sisters. She was much loved by the orphans. Wherever she was, the orphans would flock to her and she knew everyone by their name and also something about their families. She was able to draw many young girls to the congregation.

Name: Rev. Mother Mary Alphonse FBS.
Year: 1941 - 1946

Obedience was the hallmark of Mother Mary Alphonse. Born to Balasamy and Maria Natchathiram, she practiced the vow of obedience in the true spirit of, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” (Phil 4: 13). With this firm faith she shouldered the responsibility of governing the Congregation during the Second World War. As Mother General she attached great importance to community life. Sisters were encouraged o attend courses and training programmes to improve the quality of their community life. The growth of the Congregation was much attributed to the hard work and commitment of Mother Mary Alphonse.

Name: Rev. Mother Mary Isabella FBS.
Year: 1953 - 1956

Ideas have to be in keeping with the times to escape the charge of redundancy. This statement characterized the tenure of Mother Mary Isabella. She was born to Mariapragasam and Anna in the year 1907. She was an embodiment of love, knowledge and multifarious talents. Under her stewardship the Congregation improved in all spheres. She was called ‘a living saint’ by her sisters. In her period the Congregation with stood many difficulties and marched towards new horizons. She was solely responsible for undertaking many new ventures. Her reign was a time of marching ahead. It is rightly said that her administration was resilient to face the multifarious challenges of the time.