Thanjavur Province

Mother Mary Pentecost was appointed as the first Regional Superior by then province comprises 21 Houses. A house owned by Congregation in front of vailankanni Hospital functioned as Regional House. Sr. Mary Imelda served as Regional Superior from the year 1991. Sr. Maria Philo was elected as the first provincial in the first provincial chapter held in the year 1998. She was re-elected as provincial for the year 2001. Sr. Marceline serves as Provincial from 2004.

Mission and Achievements

The province involves itself in creative activities which are needed for the growth of the Congregation. They focus on developing the culture, folklore and arts of the people. Sharing of responsibilities and extension of apostolate and construction of new buildings are also part of the mission of the province. Identifying school dropouts and enabling them to continue their education and Evangelization during summer vacation. A “Union” to support house maids was started in the year 1985, with a membership of over 1,000,000. This union helps the house maids gain their rights.

Twenty – seven sisters of more than 35 years of age were sent fro three months service. Owing to ceaseless efforts, St. Joseph’s Garden at Vilar affiliated to Bharathidasan University on 13 August 2002 and the college inaugural was held on 29 October 2002. Thanjavur Province excels in various services, with a deep involvement in the religious life, and moves forward with clear vision and constructive thought and able administration.

1. Thanjavur provincialate

2. Adichapuram

3. Athukudi

4. Chinnapallam

5. Devadanam

6. Karunkanni

7. Koradacheri

8. Madhakottai

9. Manambuchavadi

10. Mannargudi – Haridranathi East

11. Mannargudi – Ruckmanipalayam

12. Naduvattam

13. Nagapattinam

14. North Gate

15. Ooty

16. Pattukkottai

17. Padalur

18. Perumpannaiyur

19. Pookara street

20. S. Kollaptty

21. Sanjay Nagar

22. Sirkali

23. Thatchankurichy

24. Therkkupoigainallur

25. Thiruthuraipoondi

26. Thiruvarur

27. Vadakarai

28. Vailankanni

29. Vailankanni – Hospital

30. Vilar – Bon Secours College

31. Vilar – Matriculation School