1958 - Centenary celebration of the Birth of the Congregation.

1981 - The Congregation is recognised as of Pontifical right by Holy father Pope John Paul II.

1984 - Revision of Constitutions and Directory drafted for the Pontifical Congregation in a special Chapter.

1985 - Three Regions created at Chennai, Madurai and Thanjavur.

1987 - Pope John Paul II gives permanent approval to the Constitutions of the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Bon Secours, Chennai.

1994 - Centenary Celebration of the Congregation in Mylapore. Remember with reverence the departed Sisters, Spiritual Directors and Priests who toiled over the years. Charism of the Congregation is highlighted through cultural programmes and religious events.

1996 - A Special Chapter held at Mylapore takes two landmark decisions: To raise the Regions of Congregation to the status of Provinces. The sisters of Congregation to be given Sarees.

1997 - The Sisters are allowed to wear Sarees, with the changing cultural scenario.

1998 - The Regions were raised to the status of Provinces. Chennai, Dindigul and Thanjavur.

2001 - The Constitutions and Directives of Congregation are revised and approved by the Holy Father Pope John Paul II.

2007 - The Congregation starts its year-long Sesquicentenary Celebration on 17th September 2007.

2008 - The Congregation concludes the Sesquicentenary Celebration and look ahead with new hope to take up the challenges of the time.