1829 - The Carmelite Nuns wade through financial difficulties to maintain the convent and Refuge Homes amidst epidemics.

1836 - Peace in Pondicherry. French missionary priests arrive. The convents start growing.

1844 - First Synod of Pondicherry.

1850 - Rev. Fr. Julian Charles Lehodey, M.E.P., Fr. Ligeon Diogene M.E.P., and others start shaping the Refuge Homes into convents.

1858 - Sept 17th, The first 7 sisters of Bon Secours pronounce their vows and receive the Rules and habit of the Franciscan Third Order Regular.

1894 - His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dom Henrique Jose Reed De Silva Bishop of Mylapore, Invites Franciscan Sisters of Bon Secours to educate women in Mylapore.

1894 - A special General Chapter is held and the Constitution of Bon Secours Congregation in Mylapore Diocese is drafted and signed by all the Sisters.

1899 - Second Synod of Pondicherry discusses the problems and needs of the Church. Mission administration plan is established. Article 109 pertains to the administration of Indian Convents.

1918 - Rt. Rev. De Castro, Bishop of Mylapore, approves revised Constitutions.

1956 - Most Rev. Dr. Louis Mathias S.D.B., Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore, approves revised Constitutions.