A candidate must be a woman who is 

  •  Between the ages of 17 and 30;
  •  A right intention and freedom of choice;
  •  Basic Christian faith and freedom of choice;
  •  Sound physical health to perform her daily duties;
  •  Love for the congregation and community life;
  •  Sufficient intellectual capacity;

We look for those who are able to…  Live a Life Centred in Prayer

We look for signs of:

  • a relationship with God
  • some involvement in the sacramental life of the Church
  • readiness to grow spiritually

Live in Community 

We look for signs of:

  • healthy relationships with peers and others
  • a sense of humor
  • effective communication skills

Live Celibately

We look for signs of:

  • an ability to develop and maintain wholesome friendships with men and women
  • an ability to embrace solitude, deal with loneliness and not become isolated
  • inclusivity in relationships

Live Simply

We look for signs of:

  • an ability to share material goods
  • an awareness of and empathy with those who have less
  • the desire to be free from consumerism

Live a Life of Obedience

We look for signs of:

  • a healthy attitude toward authority an ability to make decisions and to accept responsibility for them
  • openness to the role of the Holy Spirit in decision making