Our Mission
:: Our Mission
Giving Refuge
1. According to the goals of our Congregation we establish homes for the forsaken by giving refuge. By rehabilitating the forsaken we give them hope and help them continue their journey joyfully.
2.From the beginning of our Congregation, the children we bring up are our treasure. We accept them with all their talents and defects. We show them special love and care and protect them. We make them useful citizens and good Christians.
3. The children in our homes and cottages are brought up in human dignity. We will show great interest in their total well being. Respecting their personalities we will fulfil their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs and help them develop their talents and abilities.

1. Our apostolate of evangelization is to proclaim Jesus who is the word of God. By our life and preaching we bear witness to the person of Christ. By transforming ourselves into leaven, by transforming the people of God into light and salt of the earth and by uniting with Christ’s redemptive act our fatigue, frustration and failure we encounter, we create a new heaven and a new earth.
2. In the local Church where we work, we collaborate with the leaders of the Church, priests, Religious and laity to build up the People of God.

Health Care
1. The apostolate of people’s health care is to show interest in the total welfare of the human person. We practise this with a sense of dedication. We show mercy to the sick and console them. Through this mission we are bound to do everything to safeguard human life and dignity. We give preference to preventive measures than healing.

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