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Were the first seven Bon Secours Sisters. They adhered to their charismlooking after orphans and widows ,educating them for purposeful life and taking care of the sick. The youngsters under the sisters care grew up to be good Christians. All the sisters with the children & women in their care worked hard to earn money for the needs. They found paddy took to weaving, Candle making and embroidery. In 1858 Mother NambikkaiMary became the Head of the Congregation.From 1864 – 1873 the Congregation waded through difficult times. In 1873 Mother Mary Rose became the Superior General. Under the guidance of Fr.Ligeon, Director of FranciscanSisters of Bon Secours, the Congregation improved the educational programmes. In 1877 the Rules and Regulations for the sisters were promulgated. In 1892, There were 62 sisters in six Bon Secours Convents, six schools with 300 students, two children’s with 42 children, two dispensaries, two family welfare centres and one hospital . Bishop Dom Hennique Jose Reed De Silva of Mylapore welcomed the sisters to start educational service in the diocese. The growing seedling of the Bon Secours was thus transplanted to the soil of Mylapore. They became the fifth religious order for women to serve the Mylapore Diocese. In 1895 St.Lazarus school administration was entrusted to the sisters by Fr.F.H.franco. In the same year they opened a girls school in Mylapore which is todays well known St.Antony’s Girl’s Hr.Sec.School. Bishop De Silva gave the sisters a new attire consisting of dark brown habit. In 1858, the Rules and Regulations which were the principles of Franciscan third order was approved by Pope Benedict XV. The Bon secours Sisters celebrated 13thAugust as their convent feast as they adopted Our Lady as guardian. The Congregation received the special blessings of the papal Internuncio on 22 August 1953.The sisters received college education and also went abroad for higher studies. They witness great advancement in theirspiritual formation and had meaningful relationship with other religious order. Every step saw enormous fruitful responses in taking the service of the sisters to the marginalised sector of the society. To be one with the people whom they service the sisters started wearing sarees from 1991.Today we can say we are fortunate to have reached 158 years of the Congregation because we were true to our special charism in the true spirit of the Franciscan order. Holding the hands of the Almighty, Treading in the path of their predecessors, the congregation marches forward in their service humanity.
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